August 6, 2010

Hello to all, If you haven’t noticed the 38th annual Fort Bridger Rendezvous is only weeks away, to us FBRA board members is crunch time and we are working hard to be ready. I thought I would write one last letter before rendezvous to let all of you know of what we been doing and update you on the latest information.
On July 10th we had our annual Fort Bridger general meeting at Fort Bridger approximately 30 people attended. After the meeting the FBRA presented to the Fort Bridger state park superintendent a new 2010 John Deer Gator 4×6 purchased with funds collected by the FBRA. The FBRA used one dollar collected from last year’s gate fee to purchase the new Gator. Also purchased were 12 new Garbage barrels made from old whisky barrels. The new barrels have been placed throughout the fort grounds.
This year for those of you who camp in Tin Tepee you will find that camping will be a little tighter, the property owner has eliminated an area that we general use. The area behind the ranch house we reserve for those campers who like to circle the wagons so to speak will not be available this year so we are sorry to say that there will be no circling the wagons. We understand that friends and family would like to be camped in a circle but with this year’s limited space and the increasing number of campers we just can’t accommodate this practice. Last year campers were encroaching in on the fire lanes and some were eliminated all together, this year we will monitor this problem and campers may be asked to move if rules are violated.
There may be a possibility that because of the crowded camping situation we may have to eliminate the horse and wagons teams that would pick up campers in Tin Tepee mainly for safety reasons. This will be discussed at the next board meeting.
Reminder again the year we have rented a shower trailer which will be at the old shower house we would ask all of you to take advantage of a clean shower. We need to make enough money to pay for the rental, if we go in the hole this year then we will not have it for next year.

Jeff Malan 2010 Booshway


FBRA General Membership Meeting
July 10, 2010.

It was discussed ‘what does an FBRA member get for their yearly dues’ and ‘what incentives are there for becoming a member’.   It was decided that in years past, campers and traders did not get a real incentive to become a member.

(Past Years’ Membership Incentive)


1. Receives quarterly news letter.

2. Receives FBRA membership medallion.

3. Has limited voting rights at the membership meetings held twice a year.

4. Can come in on Wednesday for early setup at the rendezvous.

5. Yearly dues of $15.00 from rendezvous to rendezvous.

As a board we recognize that this is not enough for anyone to want to become a member.  At the general membership meeting it was discussed with input from those members who attended the meeting.   The FBRA Bylaws state that the Booshway for a given year’s rendezvous can change the cost of the dues and add new items to the membership incentives. Kash Johnson the 2011 Booshway has asked the board and the board voted on, adding more incentives for FBRA members.


1. Receives quarterly newsletter.

2. Receives FBRA membership medallion.

3. Has limited voting rights at the membership meetings held twice a year.

4. Can post items for sale on the Buckskinners classifieds.

5. Can come in on Wednesday for early setup at the rendezvous.

6. Has priority for vacated camp sites in the primitive camp area.

7. Yearly dues of $20.00 from rendezvous to rendezvous.

What does item number 6 mean (Has priority for vacated camp sites in the primitive camp area?

All camper registrations are due on or before March 1st for any given year.  If you have had your same camp site for the last several years (or forever) and you have your registration in before March 1st regardless of whether you are a member or not you “don’t need to worry” you will most likely get your same campsite. But if you don’t have your registration in by March 1st or you skipped a year or two and you are not an association member you may or may not get your same camp site.  This is where being a member will help! You will be given first chance for these camp sites after March 1st on a first come first serve basis.

Every year there is $1.00 from each gate fee paid that we donate to the Fort Bridger State Park. The money collected at the gate for this donation could be anywhere from $10,000 – $15,000 depending on the year. This money goes toward any projects or equipment that may be needed by the park and has been approved by board that has not been funded by the state.  With the money collected from the 2009 rendezvous we were able to purchase and donate to the Fort Bridger state park one new John Deere gator 2×4. Linda Byers the park superintendent had mentioned the need to replace some of the 55 gal drums that they were using for trash cans around the fort.  We did an online search for trash cans and were able to find some old original whiskey barrels that had been converted to trash cans.  The FBRA Board of Directors was able to purchase 12 of these barrels and donated them to the park also. You will see them scattered around the park. (They do look a lot nicer than the 55 gal drum.)

Check out the photo gallery for pictures.

Thank you for your support.

Mike Larsen

FBRA Board member


FBRA News Letter

May 2010

Hello – To all FBRA members, spring is here and it’s time to start thinking about Rendezvous. We the FBRA Board have been in the planning stage since the 1st of 2010. We are excited about the 2010 Rendezvous. A lot is happening and we would like to occasionally send you all a news letter to update you on our progress.
If you haven’t had a chance to view our new Website you’re in for a treat. The Website is user friendly and contains information concerning the Fort Bridger Rendezvous and what’s happening with our organization the website also contains How To projects and recipes. You are welcome to contribute to these links; the information will be valuable to all who visit the website.
Currently, our website has 1200 hits a day including 24 different countries. Some are Germany, China, India, Australia and Romania. We average 7 hits per day from European countries. This new website would not have been possible without the hard work of board member Mike Larsen and expertise from his son-in-law Jason Rudd. Check out our website @fortbridgerrendezvous.net.
Indian Dancers:
This year we have contracted with a new group of Indian Dancers. They are called The Mountain Crow Entertainment Company, out of Billings Montana. They are extremely excited to come to Fort Bridger and perform for us. We look forward to seeing them dance.
Buck skinners Ball:
Music for this year’s Buck skinners Ball will be provided by a group called The Red Ramblers. A nationally acclaimed caller will perform.
Fort Bridger Stockade:
The Stockade at Fort Bridger is finally being upgraded and repaired. The Stockade has been in disrepair and literally falling over. The FBRA board has offered in the past to pay for and do the repairs. The State is finally doing the repairs. If you would like to volunteer to help, visit our website for details.
Change of Leadership:
Dominic Bravo is the new supervisor for the state parks over Linda Byer and Fort Bridger. Mr. Bravo did attend the FBRA board meeting in February to discuss rendezvous issues. Myself, Segundo Kash Johnson, and Chairman Dale Carpenter attended a State Parks Executive
meeting held in Casper Wyoming. It was made clear at this meeting that the FBRA is in complete charge of the Fort Bridger Rendezvous. We are to work with Park Superintendant Linda Byer, who is in charge of the fort grounds. Superintendant Steve Horn will continue to be a liaison with the FBRA. At this meeting the FBRA was given a round of applause and thanked for the many years of running a successful rendezvous.
The next membership meeting is July 10th usually held at the Fort Bridger. Watch our website for further information. This is your organization, please come and give us your input and suggestions. Encourage your friend and others who come to Fort Bridger to join the FBRA. Contact Tracy if you haven’t renewed your membership. Her e-mail address is fbrainc@hotmail .com.
You’re Booshway, Jeff Malan

August 21, 2010 Work Party