Fort Bridger Rendezvous Board meetings

Are held the 1st Saturday of each month at 10 a.m.

Usually held at the Depot (The old train station) in Evanston Wy.

General membership meetings

Are held the 1st Saturdays in July and November at 12 p.m.

Sometimes held at the Depot (The old train station) in Evanston Wy. and

Sometimes held at the Fort Bridger state Park Wy.

“Association members are encouraged to attend”.

Reasons for attending these meeting are.

1.       You will learn what the board has been doing.

2.       You have voting rights to changes made to the FBRA Bylaws.

3.       You will learn what’s new and going to happen.

4.       You have a chance to voice your concerns in a positive & professional manner.