Bourgeois Bob Christensen and Segundo Heather Shell

Bourgeois Bob Christensen


My name is Bob Christensen (True Story), and I’m honored to be your Booshway  for 2017. I have been involved with the Board for the last couple of years and am  looking forward to working with them to put on the second largest event in  Wyoming.  I was born and raised in Wyoming, and thanks to my parents, were exposed to  the mountains from an early age. I think that I never got over the fascination of  the fur trade era since the 4 th grade. Few things give me more enjoyment as  watching the snow sift through the smoke flaps in my teepee during a winter  hunting camp or riding horses in full buckskins. I hope never to get to old to  dream and imagine what it was like during that time.  It is the goal for me and each board member to create memorable experience for  all those who attend the Fort Bridger Rendezvous. I look forward to seeing you at  Fort Bridger Rendezvous next Labor Day weekend.

Your Booshway 2017

Bob Christensen

Segundo Heather Shell



Just a quick minute to reintroduce myself to old friends and the ones I’ve yet to  meet.  My name is Heather Shell, and it is an honor to serve as Segundo in 2017!  My family and I have been enjoying this Rendezvous forever! While Shooting  seems to be the most popular event with my family, I’ve been known to toss a  pan, heard some kids, tug a rope and even wander around chatting/shopping  under the guise of a Dog Soldier.  I have been on the Board for 2 years while it is a lot of work; it is very rewarding  to see this huge Family Event come together. I am truly grateful for the support of  my husband Dave and my daughters. I can’t Thank all my family enough!  We have a wonderful Board of Directors this year, with years of combined  experience and wealth of knowledge to make this rendezvous memorable. I’m  looking forward to working with this board, our Booshway Bob Christensen, and  you!

See Ya Later!

Heather Shell