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Non Primitive is any vender or trader who is not setup with a pre- 1840’s (Fur trade Era) venders display and food items or trade items, in other words you have a more modern vender setup.

If your setup and food items are not pre- 1840’s Please contact the FBHA (Fort Bridger Historic Association) Tisa (TEE-SHA) @ 307-78-3842 for more information.

Sending in the registration form from this web site will not get you a food vender spot.

If you have any questions please contact the FBRA secretary; Nancy Turner @ 435-213-5133.


Thank you!



No Trade List Prohibited Items

Please remember this is a Mountain Man Era, 1825-1840 period event. Those representing an earlier period are considered guests of this rendezvous. This is not a Trade Show, Rock Show, Trade Festival, Cowboy, Civil War etc. event.

Animal parts and fur

  • Claws and Teeth from any illegal animal
  • fake fur or fake coonskin caps, No fur dyed bright colors
  • Feathers- no unnatural bright colors, illegal birds of prey, etc
  • Horns- exotic carved or raw horns that are not native to North America
  • Taxidermy Animals
  • Reconstituted antler, ivory and bone items
  • Plastic or resin claws, elk teeth, talons, fingers, skulls

Australian Goods- Musical Instruments, cloths

Badges- Law enforcement, etc.

Beads and Bead Work- beadwork needs to be period correct

  • African Bead Work- Jewelry, crosses, art, etc
  • Doll necklaces, miniature beaded moccasins
  • Fimo beads, Modern beads, Plastic Beads
  • Imported finished Beadwork

Camp furnishing, cooking, bedding and personal items

  • Candles- anything modern, scented, colored
  • Enamel Ware is not period but is considered rendezvous acceptable no modern green or red
  • Flags- no nylon, should be period correct and material correct.
  • Incense and scented oils in modern containers
  • Lanterns- Pakistan type (brass with etched glass)
  • Plastic honey Sticks
  • Mexican Blankets- pastel and fluorescent colors (old colors like the Rio Grande are o.k.)
  • Modern cedar tourist boxes- discretionary item, no modern closures, snaps, synthetic material
  • Pottery should be salt glazed with no modern art designs
  • Quilts- no modern fabrics (discretionary item)
  • Soaps-other than those found at that time
  • Utensils- Cheap chrome items with or without antler handles (ice cream scoops, etc), stainless steel
  • Wooden products that the screws can be seen-Philips, Chromium

Children’s toys

  • Bamboo bows, Cap Guns, Cork guns, Cross bows, Rubber Band Guns
  • Hackie sac, Zingers
  • Face painting
  • Modern Noise Makers- Bamboo Flutes, train whistles
  • Rubber Native American Items, Rubber insects or animals
  • Wood broad swords- Swords for kids can only be 18 inches in length from end to end including the hilt.

Civil War Era Goods

Crafts- non-period

  • Antler Art- Chandeliers, candleholders, non-period carvings, exotic carved, etc
  • Art Paintings- Anything Non-Period, open display of framed art, scenes painted on skulls, rocks, saw blades, buckskin.
  • Bird Houses- decorated or painted, gourd, etc
  • Ceramics-modern vases, cups, pots, masks, etc
  • Dolls- Modern, porcelain, rubber, Kachina, plastic parts. Etc
  • Mandellas, Dream Catchers- wall display
  • Modern Masks
  • Wind Chimes

Clothing and accessories- all clothing must be from period correct patterns and styles

  • Artificial Sinew is accepted as a thread not a decoration.
  • Belts- anything modern
  • Belt Buckles- any modern design
  • Bright or florescent colors
  • Cigarette lighter covers
  • Cowboy era goods-clothing, riveted jeans etc
  • Elastic suspenders
  • Fasteners- snaps, Velcro, zippers, etc
  • Hats- non-period hatpins, tacks, fake fur hatbands
  • Indian shirts in obvious ethnic patterns
  • Mexican Blanket bags
  • Modern design on enameled pins, hat tacks, etc
  • Oval Conchos are from a later period than the Fur Trade-this one is a judgment call. If they are handmade and nice looking; no cheap looking stamp style.
  • Parasols- no florescent colors
  • Rayon – not patented until the 1880’s
  • Safety pins
  • No sewing machines

Food items- only dry goods are acceptable- beans, rice, tea, sugar, ect.

Guns, knives and shooting-

Knives will not be sold to anyone less than 16 years of age unless accompanied by an adult.

  • Knives- non-period folding, fishing knives, Stainless Steel, and modern type boot knives
  • Pakistan type knife with unnatural handles, Malaysian style kriss knives (wavy blades)
  • plastic handles, snap sheathes,
  • Non-period revolvers (cap lock rifles are o.k.)
  • Steel or Wood broad swords

Hangers- modern, wire

Jewelry- Must be period correct style, design and materials.

  • All modern jewelry-rings, necklaces, earrings are unacceptable
  • Beaded earrings were never made by Indians during the Fur Trade Era or even Reservation Era. They are modem Pow-Wow Jewelry. They are sometimes considered rendezvous acceptable if they are not made with modern colors, styles of beads and patterns- animal
  • Copper Bracelets or other jewelry stamped with tipi or thunderbirds, etc
  • Crystal Ball necklaces and earrings, (claw, hand, wizard, etc), Modern Metal pendants
  • Dream Catchers- earrings, necklaces, etc.
  • Fimo Beads, Glass pendant- any
  • Key chains- any, Modern Money Clips
  • Turquoise and Coral Jewelry-modem cut or production typ.
  • Stones- Polished stone jewelry, modern cut stones, onyx jewelry,
  • Hematite, Magnetized hematite jewelry

Magazines, Books and Audio Tapes

  • Openly displayed (period books or books portraying the time period are o.k.)
  • Non period or historic related books, magazines

Nylon Rope- or products made from it

Novelty Items- we are not a novelty store

  • Road Kill items- joke items, Rubber animals that jump out of a box, rattle snakes eggs.
  • Fish Assholes and Fart Spoons, Horse Shoe puzzles etc, (fish assholes are spaghetti O’s relabeled.) God’s Eyes


  • beads bags, claws, elk teeth, talons, fingers, skulls, hatbands, charms, canteens, buttons, harmonicas, hairpipe, etc,

Phillips Head Screws- OK if not visible

Photo Booths- non-period

Rain Sticks

Stationary/writing materials

  • Ballpoint pens
  • Colored pencils
  • Metal Pencil Sharpeners

Welded Items- unless you can grind out visible welds


This is a list of items we do not wish to see at rendezvous. It is not all-inclusive. Some items will be judged on a case-by-case basis. If you have documentation supporting something you want to have that is on this list or is questionable bring it with you.

I have read the FBRA Trade List, Rules and Regulations, and the Trader Contract. I agree to cooperate and abide by all rules.



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